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3 Key Things to Check When Buying a House on the basis of Sample Flat

The real estate market in India is continuously evolving and there are aggressive marketing strategies being deployed by developers to sell their flats. One such strategy, which is increasingly being used is selling the house on the basis of the sample flat.

What is a Sample Flat?

A sample flat is a fully furnished apartment made by the developer on or near the site of proposed housing project.

This strategy works well for the buyers too as they can foresee their new home with all interiors and fittings. But, there is always a gap between the sample and real flat, and it is for genuine reasons. So, instead of expecting exactly the same flat, below are the key takeaways from a sample flat for a buyer.

1. Ascertain the Flat: There is nothing like a first-hand experience when buying a house. When you get a chance to visit the sample flat, you must ascertain it well. Scan through every room carefully, this is your chance to view your prospective flat. Before you take the plunge, you should see what will the final product be-like. So, you should not just view, but cautiously check the complete flat.

2. The Flat Area, The Ceiling to Floor Ratio: When you enter inside the sample flat, you should get an idea about the exact built-up area. Hearing terms like carpet area, super built-up area can be confusing for a layman. So, when you enter inside a ready flat, you can have a better idea about the space available for you and your family. But, consider this also an estimate as sample flat walls may not be made of the same material as the actual flat and can appear spacious. In addition, the furniture in a sample flat is usually custom made, giving the effect of more space. It is for this reason that we suggest that you consider the sample flat area as an estimate and not exact one. Other than this, you can have a certain idea about the ceiling to floor ratio of every room. With these estimates, it will be easy for you to decide if the space is sufficient for your family and how you can design, and plan your home.

3. Fixtures & Fittings: Along with area estimate, the sample flat comes with all the necessary fittings and fixtures. You can check with the developer, which fittings will come pre-installed in the apartment and carefully review its quality. It is the right chance to have a feel of the fittings and the kind of work developer will do in the flat. You should carefully check the sanitary brand, electrical fixtures, flooring and window quality. Other than the pre-fitted ones, you can also have an idea about the fittings, appliances, which you will need to buy for your flat.

When you plan a visit to the sample flat, consider it as your chance to have a look and feel of your new house. But, don’t expect the exact replication in your own flat. A sample flat is for giving you an idea of your new home.

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