Multistorey Apartment

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ONE 10 2/3/4 BHK Apartment in Rajarhat

One 10
Multistorey Apartment, Residential

PS ONE 10 is one of the Largest Hi-rise Residential Complex at Newtown AA1, near NOVOTEL. This Gold Pre-Certified IGBC Green Building has premium amenities…

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Status: April 2023,

Builder: PS One 10

The Soul 2/3/4 BHK Apartments at Rajarhat

The Soul
Multistorey Apartment, Residential

INTRODUCING THE PERFECT MIX OF URBAN LIFE WITH NATURE A perfectly balanced life. That’s what you’ll get at The Soul, Rajarhat. Every aspect of this…

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Status: Ongoing,

Builder: The Soul - Rajarhat

Merlin Elements 3/4 BHK in South Kolkata

Merlin Elements
Multistorey Apartment, Residential

Elements stand for sunlight, fresh air, peace, happiness and wellness for you & for the members of your family. Ancient Indian philosophy recognizes these elements…

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Status: June 2023 ,

Builder: Merlin Elements 3/4 BHK